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Our Story

Roch was founded by dog lovers who had grown frustrated with hotels pretending to be dog friendly, but who weren't dog friendly at all. We realized that we couldn’t trust the ‘dog friendly’ tag on hotel booking platforms, and that behind the words dog friendly hid a multitude of sins.

We were turned away from hotels because our labrador weighs too much, or because they only had two dog friendly rooms which were occupied. They often charged us eye watering ‘cleaning’ fees, charged on a daily basis, while offering no real services, facilities, or amenities in return.

Our Mission

We became tired of hotels pretending to be dog friendly, and we wanted to know exactly what to expect at a hotel before we even booked a room. We realized that if we wanted to find the world's best dog friendly hotels, and drive transparency into dog friendly hospitality, then we would have to do so ourselves. So we founded Roch and set about our work.

Named after St. Roch, the patron saint of dogs, we are on a mission to make the world a more inclusive place for our four legged friends, and an easier one to travel when we are with them. We are in the business of certifying dog friendliness, and to this end we created the Roch Standard, the world's first dog friendly certification and ranking process for hotels.

Charitable Society

Written into our corporate constitution and company bylaws is an obligation to donate 25% of our profits to canine focused charities, as well as schools and hospitals that bear the name of St. Roch. Funds which will be distributed through our charitable arm the Roch Society, a non-profit dog friendly society, dedicated to making the world a friendlier place for dogs.

The Roch Society works towards nudging our societies and businesses towards canine inclusivity, so no matter where we go our dogs can always come with us. We believe that our dogs are our best friends and family, and through our writing, our community, and our charitable work, we help make the world a better place for our four legged friends. 

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The world’s first dog friendly certification process, we verify dog friendly and rank hotels so you know what to expect before you book.

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