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Dog friendly hotels ranked regionally using the Roch Standard.

When a hotel has been Ranked By Roch, it means that we have formally certified and verified a hotel's level of dog friendliness. We do this by taking them through a comprehensive certification process which awards them points based on their answers, with different weightings depending on the question, in order to produce a final rank from A+ to D.

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rank hotels offer exceptional services, facilities, including onsite or nearby green spaces. Hotels with this rank are far and few between, and only the best can reach this rank. If you are looking for the ultimate dog friendly experience, look for these hotels.
rank hotels are well above average in terms of the services, amenities, and ancillaries, while they may not provide as many perks as A+ hotels, you can still expect a very high level of comfort and convenience for you and your pet during your stay.
rank hotels sit well above your average dog friendly hotel, they offer a good range of dog-friendly amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. While they may lack the extras of A rank hotels, B+ rank hotels work hard to ensure a comfortable visit.
rank hotels are the baseline standard of dog friendliness we expect from a dog friendly hotel, they cater to dog owners and their pets, but they may lack amenities, services, and have more restrictions and fees compared to higher ranks.
rank hotels are below average dog friendly hotels in our directory, while they they might be suitable for shorter stays or guests with fewer requirements, they only offer basic services and amenities, and they probably have more restrictions and higher fees.
rank hotels are dog tolerant; consider an alternative hotel for a more dog-welcoming experience.

rank hotels are uncertified. While their dog-friendly status is known, the extent of their pet-friendly amenities remains a mystery.
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The world’s first dog friendly certification process, we verify dog friendly and rank hotels so you know what to expect before you book.

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