Dog Friendly City Guide: Portland, USA

A dog friendly guide to Portland with details on where to find dog friendly green spaces, water access, bars, restaurants, activities and hotels.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Welcome to Portland, Oregon – a city that's as friendly to our furry friends as it is to nature-loving, artisanal coffee-drinking, craft beer-savoring humans. Known as the "City of Roses," Portland takes pride in its dog-friendly reputation. The city's array of green parks, waterfront recreational spots, dog-welcoming eateries, and public amenities are a dream for any dog owner. The city's mild climate, vibrant arts scene, and natural beauty create an ideal environment for memorable adventures with your canine companion.

Dog Friendly Water Access in Portland

Portland has a wealth of water-friendly locations that cater to dogs. Located in the southeast of the city, Sellwood Riverfront Park is a beautiful and popular destination for dog owners. It features a spacious, off-leash area where dogs can run and play, and a sandy beach where they can cool off with a swim in the Willamette River.

For the more adventurous, there's the Thousand Acres (Sandy River Delta) with vast off-leash areas. With access to the confluence of the Columbia and Sandy rivers, it's an excellent place for water-loving dogs to take a refreshing plunge. Please remember to follow posted signs regarding off-leash areas and swimming to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Dog Friendly Parks in Portland

When it comes to dog friendly parks Portland is abundantly blessed. The city is home to over 10,000 acres of public parks, many of which welcome dogs. Take, for instance, the Powell Butte Nature Park. This verdant oasis spans more than 600 acres of fields and forests. It offers numerous dog-friendly trails that guide you through lush woodlands and open meadows, culminating in panoramic views of the city and the Cascade Mountains.

Another local treasure is the extensive Forest Park, one of the largest urban forests in the US. With over 80 miles of dog-friendly trails meandering through towering trees and thriving wildlife, it offers a serene retreat for you and your dog.

Don't forget the Hoyt Arboretum, a living museum of trees and plants. Explore the Arboretum's 12 miles of trails to discover a world of plants and trees from around the globe. Dogs on leashes are welcome on all trails.

Dog Friendly Bars & Restaurants in Portland

Portland's food and drink scene is famously eclectic, with a wide range of dog-friendly establishments. Lucky Labrador Brew Pub has become a favorite for both locals and tourists. The brewery boasts a selection of house-brewed ales and lagers, and their outdoor seating area is a pleasant hangout spot for your four-legged friends.

On the culinary front, the Tin Shed Garden Cafe is a must-visit. It's not just dog-friendly; it's dog-loving! They even have a special dog menu, "Doggie Love," offering pet-friendly meals for your beloved pooch.

And for a bit of French-inspired coastal cuisine, check out Normandie. This stylish restaurant serves a range of dishes crafted with local, sustainable ingredients, and dogs are welcome in their outdoor seating area.

Dog Friendly Activities in Portland

Portland offers a variety of dog-friendly activities. Fancy learning how to bake treats for your pup? Oregon Bark, a local company, offers dog treat baking classes, providing a fun, interactive experience for you and your dog. They even cater to special dietary requirements, ensuring that every pup gets a treat they'll love.

If you're in the city in the spring, you won't want to miss the annual Doggie Dash, hosted by the Oregon Humane Society. This fun-filled event includes a non-competitive walk/run and a pet festival. It's a fantastic opportunity for your dog to socialize, and it raises funds for a worthy cause.

Dog Friendly Transport in Portland

Navigating Portland with your dog is easy thanks to the city's dog-friendly public transport. The TriMet system allows dogs on buses and MAX Light Rail trains. Dogs that can fit in a small carrier can ride for free, while larger dogs need to have a fare. All dogs must be on a leash and well-behaved at all times.

Dog Friendly Hotels & Accommodations in Portland

Finding a place to stay with your dog in Portland is straightforward with the Roch Directory. This comprehensive guide to dog-friendly hotels, campsites, bed and breakfasts, and villas ensures that you'll find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs and budget.

Portland is a dog lover's dream, offering a perfect blend of city living and outdoor adventure that caters to both two-legged and four-legged visitors. With its myriad dog-friendly eateries, parks, and activities, it's a city that truly celebrates our four-legged friends. So, leash up your pup and start exploring the wonderful world of Portland!

We invite you to share your Portland experiences and favorite dog-friendly spots in the comments below. If you sign up to become a member of the Roch Society, you can request a custom city guide for any place not yet covered, and be the first to know about exclusive discounts. If we've missed out on any dog-friendly spots in Portland, please let us know. We aim to keep this guide as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible, so your input is much appreciated. Happy travels, and enjoy your dog-friendly journey through the charming city of Portland!

Dog Friendly Stays in Portland

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