Dog Friendly City Guide: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A dog friendly guide to Rio De Janeiro with details on where to find dog friendly green spaces, water access, bars, restaurants, activities and hotels.

Parque Lage dog friendly park in Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to the heart-stopping, vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Known for its cultural richness, gorgeous beaches, thrilling carnivals, and breathtaking landscapes, Rio is a city that’s brimming with life. The metropolis also extends its warmth to the furry companions that accompany you, creating an array of experiences for every dog lover visiting this picturesque city. So, pack your bags and gear up for an exciting dog-friendly adventure in Rio de Janeiro.

Despite its bustling city life, Rio de Janeiro embraces the canine culture with open arms, making it an ideal vacation spot for pet parents. Numerous pet-friendly hotels, parks, and eateries dot the city, ensuring you and your pooch never run out of places to explore. Remember, the city’s tropical climate can get rather hot during summer, so keep your pet hydrated and safe from the scorching sun. You can easily find pet stores and veterinary clinics across the city for any emergency or supplies.

Dog Friendly Water Access in Rio de Janeiro

While the iconic Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are not dog-friendly, there are some spots in Rio where your furry friend can enjoy a refreshing plunge. Barra da Tijuca Beach has a specific area dedicated to dogs where they can play freely and make the most of the water.

An hour and a half's drive away from the city, Itacoatiara Beach in Niteroi is another delightful dog-friendly beach where your pet can frolic in the cool, blue water. You’ll need to keep them on a leash, but the experience is worth the trip.

For a more tranquil experience, head over to Ilha Grande, a serene island that allows dogs on its picturesque beaches. The island is away from the city's hustle and bustle, offering a much-needed respite.

Dog Friendly Parks in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is home to various parks that you and your dog can enjoy. One of the city's gems is Parque Lage, a public park with vast green spaces, a stunning mansion, and splendid views of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Dogs on leashes are welcome to explore this beautiful location.

A quiet, leafy escape awaits you and your dog at Bosque da Freguesia. This park allows dogs and features a playground, making it a fantastic choice for families. The Jardim Botânico or Botanical Garden is another popular choice. With its lush landscapes and a variety of plants, it makes for a perfect leisurely stroll with your pooch.

For an off-leash experience, ParCão in Lagoa is a dedicated dog park where your dog can run around and interact with other dogs.

Dog Friendly Bars & Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

When it comes to dining, Rio de Janeiro boasts a myriad of dog-friendly options. Gurumê in São Conrado is a pet-friendly Japanese restaurant that goes the extra mile by offering a special sushi menu for dogs!

For the health-conscious, Balada Mix in Ipanema is a great dog-friendly restaurant with fresh, flavourful dishes. Enjoy a meal in their outdoor seating area while your pet lounges beside you.

Confeitaria Colombo at Fort Copacabana is another must-visit. This historic café welcomes dogs in their outdoor area. Enjoy the stunning beach view while you indulge in their delicious pastries.

When it comes to unwinding with a drink, Palaphita Gávea is a dog-friendly bar with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy some authentic Brazilian drinks with your furry friend by your side.

For craft beer enthusiasts, Hocus Pocus DNA in Botafogo is a dog-friendly bar that offers an extensive beer menu. They even host a dog day event every Sunday where dogs are welcomed with open arms.

Dog Friendly Activities in Rio de Janeiro

Apart from parks and eateries, there are several other activities that you and your dog can enjoy in Rio. The CCBB Rio (Cultural Centre Bank of Brazil in Rio) welcomes dogs in its open courtyard, allowing your furry friend to enjoy the outdoors while you soak in the rich art exhibits.

One unique event not to miss is the Copacabana Canine Carnival. Held every June, this parade is an exciting celebration where dogs strut their stuff in festive costumes.

Dog Friendly Transport in Rio de Janeiro

Navigating Rio's public transportation with a pet can be tricky. Small pets in carriers are generally allowed on the metro and buses. For more convenience and comfort, consider using pet-friendly taxi

services or ride-hailing apps like Uber and 99. Don’t forget to inform your driver in advance that you're travelling with a pet.

Dog Friendly Hotels & Accommodations in Rio de Janeiro

For accommodation, Rio de Janeiro offers plenty of dog-friendly hotels. Miramar Hotel by Windsor has pet-friendly rooms that offer breathtaking beach views. They have a pet-friendly policy, which includes a one-time cleaning fee.

Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort allows pets and offers a tropical resort setting. Another good option is Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro by Intercity, a trendy hotel in Botafogo with stunning views of Sugarloaf Mountain. For more dog friendly hotel options in Rio de Janeiro, check out Roch Dog, the world's largest directory of dog-friendly hotels, ranked and certified by the Roch Standard.

Your trip to Rio de Janeiro with your furry friend promises to be filled with delightful experiences. The city's dog-friendly beaches, parks, restaurants, and activities make it a fantastic choice for a pet-inclusive vacation. Remember to always keep your pet hydrated and protected from the sun, and be mindful of the local rules and regulations for pets.

Remember, this guide is constantly evolving. If you've discovered more dog-friendly spots in Rio, or have any experiences to share, we would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

You can become a member of the Roch Society to request a custom city guide for any place we've not yet covered. You'll also be the first to know about exclusive discounts in the city. If there's something we've missed in this guide, please let us know. We're dedicated to providing the most helpful and accurate information for you and your furry friend.

Here's to an unforgettable adventure in Rio de Janeiro!

Dog Friendly Stays in Rio de Janeiro

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