Staypineapple, The Maxwell Hotel, Seattle Center Seattle

300 Roy Street, Seattle, United States of America
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Staypinapple, The Maxwell Hotel, Seattle: A Certified Dog-Friendly Review

Situated in the vibrant city of Seattle, the Maxwell Hotel stands out as a welcoming haven for dog owners and their furry friends. The hotel is committed to ensuring a comfortable experience for all guests and provides dog beds, food bowls, and delightful complimentary treats, eliminating the need for guests to bring their own. Their dog friendly staff have been trained in accommodating canine guests, making your stay a comfortable and welcoming one. While there isn't a private garden within the hotel, dogs are graciously welcomed on the terrace and in the public areas, adding to the hotel's charm. Adjacent to the Maxwell Hotel are accessible public green spaces perfect for those refreshing dog walks. To assist guests further, the hotel offers guidance on dog walk routes to keep your walks safe and scenic. The hotel is owned by the super dog friendly Staypineapple group, whose official mascot is a Husky called Dash that is frequently seen around the hotels. They also turned Dash into a plush toy that you can buy, with the proceeds going to canine charities, going above and beyond the norm in most hotels when it comes to dog friendliness. The group hosts a number of dog focused activities and events in their hotels throughout the year. Every February the group celebrates their Pineapple Pup Plus One Month, waiving all dog fees for the entire month. They host annual fundraisers called Mother's Day Paw-Tay which are basically big parties to raise funds for canine humane charities. Every October they even have a super fun Pineapple Pup Costume Contest with prizes for the winning pup. As a B+ ranked establishment in our directory, the Maxwell Hotel is one of the most dog friendly hotels in Seattle. There are no size restrictions meaning any breed is welcome, and while there is a charge of $25 per night, you can get half off this charge, reducing it to $12.50 per night if you book directly with them For more details or specific queries, and to get the best possible room rate, prospective guests should contact hotel directly on (206) 286-0629 and mention Roch.

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