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Nethybridge, Nethy Bridge, United Kingdom
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Title: Nethybridge Hotel, Main Street, Nethy Bridge: A Certified Dog-Friendly Review

In the heart of Nethy Bridge, the Nethybridge Hotel shines as a friendly haven for dogs and their companions, boasting a B+ rank that puts it in the upper echelon of dog-friendly hotels. The hotel is one of the most canine inclusive in the region because they have dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces designed just for dogs, and a a large garden that welcomes all sizes of paws. Strolls in the local area are easily accessible, with nearby green spaces and helpful route guidance from the hotel staff for a tail-wagging adventure. While the hotel does not provide any beds or bowls, the emphasis on freedom and the welcome in public areas, including their bar, makes the Nethybridge Hotel one of the dog friendliest in the area. The hotel's dedication is further underscored by over half of their rooms being dog-friendly, allowing ample room for dog owners to book a stay without the worry of limited availability. However, remember to pack your pup's essentials, as beds and bowls are not provided. They charge a daily dog fee of £10 per night, but happily it's capped at £40 per stay. The hotel's openness to dogs of all sizes without any additional size-related charges is a big plus for owners of larger breeds. Should you need more specifics on the dog fee or wish to prepare for your stay, you can reach out to the hotel at +44 1479 821203. Please note that bringing essentials like dog food and treats for your stay is advised.

Pets allowed
24-hour front desk
Free WiFi

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