Bernardus Lodge & Spa

415 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, United States of America
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Bernardus Lodge & Spa, Carmel Valley: A Certified Dog-Friendly Rank & Review

Bernardus Lodge & Spa holds a solid B+ rank, and stands out as one of the region's most dog-friendly hotels. This luxurious lodge welcomes all dogs without size restrictions, offering an inclusive experience for owners of large breeds. With 100% of its rooms being dog-friendly, guests don't need to worry about limited availability. The lodge's private garden and accessibility to nearby green spaces provide ample opportunities for dogs to explore and relax. Their commitment to canine comfort is evident in the amenities they provide like dog beds and bowls, but they do not sell any dog food. Dogs are welcome in the Lodge's bar and restauranton their patio area, allowing guests to enjoy meals with their furry companions. The serene garden and public areas of the hotel are also open to dogs, making them super convenient for calls of nature. Guests should be aware that the lodge charges a dog fee of $200 per stay, but the serene environment, dedicated dog rest area, and luxurious amenities more than compensate for the fee. From a dog owner's perspective, Bernardus Lodge & Spa is a paradise, offering a blend of luxury and pet-friendliness. With 100% of their rooms accommodating dogs, guests can always find find a suitable option. The hotel's welcoming atmosphere in its bar, restaurant, and public areas enhances the overall experience for dogs and their owners. To get the best possible room rate, always call the hotel directly on 831 658 3400, and mention that you found them on Roch Dog!

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